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Meal plans may be reformed – Clarion Call News

CLARION, Pa- Meal plans affect hundreds of students on campus, and recent student focus groups may have played a significant part in evolving the way food is handled at Clarion University. Chartwells, the company that caters and operates all food vendors on campus from Eagle Commons to The Den, hosted focus groups filled with students in late November in order to understand what changes the student body might want to see in regards to meal plans.

Super Mario Odyssey Captures the Series’ Charm and Jumps into Uncharted Territory for the Franchise

Super Mario games pretty much always have polish. As such, the former plumber's games are usually great platforming adventures with some whimsical designs and tight controls. That being said, it's difficult to say the series has retained its unique sense of charm in the past decade. Super Mario Galaxy was the last time the core series of games really reinvented itself.

Metroid: Samus Returns Is a Stellar Revival of the Series’ 2D Gameplay Style

With long waits come high expectations, and both of those phrases could be used to describe Nintendo's sci-fi franchises in the 2010s. Star Fox Zero received some mixed opinions when it released on the Wii U last year. The F-Zero series is still awaiting its long-overdue sequel. That leaves Metroid, the fan demand for which has at least been partly satiated with the announcement of Metroid Prime 4 on Nintendo Switch and the release of Metroid: Samus Returns for the Nintendo 3DS.

Famed Donkey Kong Composer David Wise Discusses His Inspirations and Current Works

Just about anyone who is familiar with developer Rare's music knows the name David Wise. He is the prolific composer who has crafted famous tracks such as Aquatic Ambience and Stickerbrush Symphony for the Donkey Kong Country series and sprinkled his unique flair for a variety of styles in subsequent Rare games including Diddy Kong Racing and Star Fox Adventures. I was able to chat over email with David about some of his inspirations and how he worked on his most recent project: Snake Pass...

Phillips loses mayoral bid

CLARION, Pa.- After a three-all tie on Tuesday, the Clarion Borough Council and its members had interim mayor Carol Lapinto cast the final vote that elected Dan Parker new acting mayor for the next two years to replace  the resigned David Walter. Parker is the executive director of the Clarion Free Library. Clarion University philosophy professor Jamie Phillips was Parker’s only competition.  Phillips was the first to send in his application for mayor in November.  Each applicant had three...

Jesus in India at Clarion University

Eagle Media Productions covered the cancellation of the "Jesus in India" musical adaptation at Clarion University. We hope that this will shed light on the human element of this event as well as the social implications of the controversy. This segment was produced and edited by Kaitlyn Mulligan and was written by Eric Zavinski. Footage was obtained by Clarion University students and Dr. Lacey Fulton.

Voices of Dragons - Episode One

If you liked Voices of Eagles, here's a spin-off program for you! Voices of Dragons was conceived and produced to gather the opinions of Warren County School District students and alumni regarding current events and pop culture. If you want the opinions of Clarion University students, check out Voices of Eagles here on my channel too! A big thank you goes out to Luke Wortman and Bennett Steber of GTcinematics for filming and editing these episodes! They do great work, so go ahead and check them out too!

Clarion University’s ‘dangerous’ label debunked, campus reacts

Clarion, Pa.- The morning of Feb. 17 had students and faculty of Clarion University shocked at what they saw shared across various social media. Reports said the university was ranked as the fifth most dangerous school in the country. However, the evening of Feb. 17 saw this report officially debunked by the presenters of this assertion. Inc. presented incorrect data to the public due to an error in how it calculated the crime statistics gathered from public record.

Spielberg Started This Way

This past June, current college freshmen at Pennsylvania State University Luke Wortman, Bennett Steber, Dakota Matson and Aaron Borger graduated from Warren Area High School. Now, one semester into their college careers, they are aspiring filmmakers and producers. The group of long-time friends has conceived their own company, Blue Steel Media House, in order to create their first short film, Living Still. This passion and interest in filmmaking and cinematography stems from the past six years...