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Philadelphia Leads Supervised Drug Injection Sites

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Eric's Ed: The Education

The United States of America is going through an opioid crisis.  Drugs are on the rise in the northeastern section of the country especially, which includes an increase in users who are abusing prescription drugs.

With opioids specifically designed to reduce bodily pain according to the Center for Disease Control, they have become a dangerous choice for drug users since the normalcy of addiction starts to set in for longtime users in an absence of pain.

While talks of equipping officers and emergency personnel with naloxone to reverse opioid overdoses are underway, Philadelphia has decided to become the first major U.S. city to contemplate implementing safe and supervised drug injection sites to combat opioid and other drug overdose after okaying a proposition in January.

Eric's Ed: The Editorial

If there is a drug overdose problem, which there most certainly is, in the city with the most opioid-related deaths of any place in the United States, Philadelphia seems like the prime candidate for the U.S. to start implementing safe injection sites.  Other countries have already begun combating drug use in this way, and officials in Philadelphia are passionate about this site's future use.

As a health crisis totaling more deaths according to a National Public Radio report (linked above in Education) last year than Philadelphia's worst year in the AIDS crisis, the city of brotherly love has to take some new, drastic measures in order to first ensure the safety of its citizens.  Clean injection sites can not only ensure the supervised usage of dangerous drugs, but it could also lead to the measured decline of drug use.  Users will be able to stop their drug usage without the heavier symptoms of a more intense and speedy withdrawal.

Opponents may suggest that these sites will enable complacency for heavy drug usage, but if Philadelphia citizens (and perhaps others in future injection sites around the country) are going to find, use and potentially overdose on opioids and other illegal drugs anyway, these injection sites may be able to combat addiction and save lives.  Since it's worked overseas, it is at least worth seeing if it all works out for the better, starting with Philly.

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