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Transgender Students May Encounter Setbacks with Bathrooms

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Eric's Ed: The Education

Transgender issues have erupted in the mainstream, with the highlights oftentimes put on public bathrooms.  Namely, which restrooms are those with different gender identities than their biological sex allowed to use?

According to a recent report with BuzzFeed News, the Department of Education under the Trump administration will no longer hear complaints about those with different gender identities trying to access their bathroom of choice.  The claims will reportedly not be investigated.

Critics of this decision cite that Title IX in schools prohibits sex-based discrimination in any manner and asserts that restricting restroom use by students is a breach of the current Title IX policy.

Eric's Ed: The Editorial

The current Title IX policy can be interpreted in different ways, but until there is a policy change, the administration should lean toward affirming students' ideas of what constitutes free and just policy for bathroom use.

Restroom usage is often sensationalized in the media, to the point where it seems that administrators believe that serious crime or breach of innocence will occur in situations in which LGBT+ rights are considered.  As a former student surrounded by many others, I can say that students typically go into the bathroom, do their business and largely do not think much else on the matter of bathroom privileges.

There seems to be little harm in allowing students their choice of bathroom according to their gender identity.  Transgender students should be allowed to use the restroom of their choosing if only because the fuss over this situation is not worth the time, to put it bluntly.

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