Phillips loses mayoral bid

CLARION, Pa.- After a three-all tie on Tuesday, the Clarion Borough Council and its members had interim mayor Carol Lapinto cast the final vote that elected Dan Parker new acting mayor for the next two years to replace  the resigned David Walter. Parker is the executive director of the Clarion Free Library. Clarion University philosophy professor Jamie Phillips was Parker’s only competition.  Phillips was the first to send in his application for mayor in November.  Each applicant had three...

Spielberg Started This Way

This past June, current college freshmen at Pennsylvania State University Luke Wortman, Bennett Steber, Dakota Matson and Aaron Borger graduated from Warren Area High School. Now, one semester into their college careers, they are aspiring filmmakers and producers. The group of long-time friends has conceived their own company, Blue Steel Media House, in order to create their first short film, Living Still. This passion and interest in filmmaking and cinematography stems from the past six years...

John and the Jaguar

Swirling rain, the kind of peaceful downpour that marks a lax day, caressed Eliza’s face as she came to on the beach. I remember…the helicopter started to turn over.  The explosion… She pushed herself up onto her elbows and forearms, looking blurredly into the crashing grey waves at her feet. I never saw John and Gregor fall out with me.  Oh, God no…. Frantic, sad wheezing leaked out of Eliza’s mouth.  She was in shock, could barely breathe as she struggled onto her exposed feet,

Clarion University’s ‘dangerous’ label debunked, campus reacts

Clarion, Pa.- The morning of Feb. 17 had students and faculty of Clarion University shocked at what they saw shared across various social media. Reports said the university was ranked as the fifth most dangerous school in the country. However, the evening of Feb. 17 saw this report officially debunked by the presenters of this assertion. Inc. presented incorrect data to the public due to an error in how it calculated the crime statistics gathered from public record.

Jesus in India at Clarion University

Eagle Media Productions covered the cancellation of the "Jesus in India" musical adaptation at Clarion University. We hope that this will shed light on the human element of this event as well as the social implications of the controversy. This segment was produced and edited by Kaitlyn Mulligan and was written by Eric Zavinski. Footage was obtained by Clarion University students and Dr. Lacey Fulton.

Voices of Dragons - Episode One

If you liked Voices of Eagles, here's a spin-off program for you! Voices of Dragons was conceived and produced to gather the opinions of Warren County School District students and alumni regarding current events and pop culture. If you want the opinions of Clarion University students, check out Voices of Eagles here on my channel too! A big thank you goes out to Luke Wortman and Bennett Steber of GTcinematics for filming and editing these episodes! They do great work, so go ahead and check them out too!

Fine Bros. Entertainment Causes Internet Outrage

The popular YouTube organization, Fine Bros. Entertainment, didn't expect the reaction they got to their React World initiative. In fact, the reaction was so out of control, their efforts to run the "react" genre all businesslike on YouTube inevitably caused them to cancel React World itself. Now all that matters to Benny and Rafi Fine is saving face and putting out constant streams of good PR, from publicly apologizing for how they communicated their ideas to pulling most copyright strikes they have on smaller content creators.

Lodge Ledger: Join the Arrowen Press Corps

Calling all Arrowmen! Are you interested in journalism, photography or video production? If so, the Arrowmen Press Corps (APC) will enable you to combine your passion with the Order of the Arrow. Arrowmen Press Corps representatives will sign up as members of their local lodge. These representatives can select their interest in writing, photography or video making and pursue those passions through the program. APC will allow for national publications, mailings and media to have more local content, and for local writers and photographers to have their work seen by a national audience.

A ★★★★★ review of Interstellar (2014)

It challenged, encouraged, fed, and rewarded my imagination; it blew my mind. Honestly, that's to be expected from Christopher Nolan at this point in his career. Not only is Interstellar a fantastic sci-fi story that breaks mind-blowing ground in the plot department, but it also delivers on an emotionally charged drama that touches on so many conundrums we face as humans from small dialogue points to overarching themes of the film.